Top 6 things you will need when you start your own business

Logo - Now that you have decided on the name of your business, that name needs to look a certain way and that is called a logo. Logos are made so that the name of the business is registered in people’s mind with their particular fonts, colours and illustrations. It is one of the most…
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Give Bleeds to a Round Design

Most of us have been in a situation where even after years and years of experience, we stumble upon something which we just cant get our head around! At that time instead of doubting your skills or caliber as a designer we decide to get the Google rescue. Only to find long complicated forum questions…
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Importance of a Contract in Graphic and Web Design!

Recently I did a biiiiig mistake of starting a website project with out a formal contract! Damn! Well for for my side of the argument I had worked with this particular client for 3 previous projects and thought well "I don't think its really necessary in this case" And again it was a very simple template…
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