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So you want your logo designed

6 questions a good logo designer will ask before designing your company's logo. Who is/are your competitors? The logo design process needs quite a bit of research. To know the immediate competitors of a business gives an insight into the nature of the trade and the target audience. It is always a good idea to…
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Give Bleeds to a Round Design

Most of us have been in a situation where even after years and years of experience, we stumble upon something which we just cant get our head around! At that time instead of doubting your skills or caliber as a designer we decide to get the Google rescue. Only to find long complicated forum questions…
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Signage Design

A shop-front design Recently we worked on a retail signage design. It is for an appliances store in Richmond, Melbourne. We have worked on their branding, designed their logo and stationary in the past, and they get their newspaper advertisement designs and flyer designs from us regularly. If you are business owner, here are a…
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