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What are Accelerated Mobile Pages? And how to create them?

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?   Google rolled out accelerated mobile pages or AMP update in October 2015. Google is passionate about mobile search engine users. They wanted to give a better user experience to mobile users, while surfing mobile websites. Yes, nowadays everyone has a responsive website, but they are still a bit slow…
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How To Make your Website SEO Friendly

SEO means search engine optimization. (This one is for my cute business owners who have no clue about websites) And search engines means websites like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. where people search for things. We need to know that SEO come after the website development. But while developing the website we can make it such…
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Google Authorship

So that’s me! Google authorship is a cool tool which helps you show that you are the author of the particular post with a small snap shot of you.  It is relatively a new concept where your post becomes more “clickable” to the viewer because of the photograph. The idea behind this is that because the post…
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