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They say  that the purpose of a first date is to decide if there will be a second.

Your logo is the first impression a potential client will have of your company and there may be no second chance. Whether it’s on your business card, letterhead or a brochure, your logo is the first thing to get noticed and can mean the difference between considered a trusted company or a shady one.

Your logo will stay with you a long time so getting the design right is the most important step of your brand strategy. So it’s important that your designer understands your business and is aware of the current trends in the design and marketing industry.

Pyramid Pixels is a local graphic design studio, specialising in logo design and branding. Put simply, we know logos.

Order a tailor-made logo today. We offer unique custom designs and fast turnaround.


You will find logo design websites offering cheap logo design services. And it might seem like a good deal until you see another business sporting your logo. It’s like going to a free plastic surgeon to get your face fixed. You might end up looking like someone else!

We know that your logo needs to be unique. Browse through our logo designs and let us know if we can help you.

What is a logo and why is it so important?


A logo is the face of your business and the first order of business for a new start-up.  It’s the design by which a business is known, and is usually a combination of a business name and an image showing the nature of the business or the company.

Your logo will be used on your packaging, letterhead, website, products, social media, signage and all marketing materials of your company.

Your logo design determines the look of your company i.e. whether it is a serious, fun, new-age, classic, trustworthy, or a modern company.

The colours of your logo also guide the colours of your entire branding. Often, the design elements of a logo design are used as graphics in the marketing materials. If your are looking for overall branding click here.

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What are the different types of logos?

There are many types of logos as per the brand principles. But here we have broken down the most common types of logos for businesses and companies.

A Symbol

A symbol is a design or a mark used as a conventional representation of a company. Generally, it takes some time for people to remember and connect the symbol with a brand. Often it is made up of artistic design of the initial letters of the business.

A Combination logo

This is the most common type of logo design for businesses. It has the company name and symbol representing the service it offers. Most of the logos we see are combination logos.

aldi logo

toyota logo


A logotype consists of the name of the business or company in a particular font. The fonts become the elements of recollection. The best example of a logotype is Google. Another famous example of a logotype is the Coles logo. In both these instances, no extra images or illustration is used.

google logocoles logo


This is also a type of combination logo. But quite often the company’s brand identity becomes the mascot, so it is essential to go through it in detail. A mascot can be very effective for individual professional services. E.g. tradies, kids food, etc.

Having a mascot in your logo has an excellent recall value. It gives the brand a powerful and unique personality. It's like having your spokesperson.



All of the above logos suit most of the types of businesses and companies. But if you are a business owner looking for a new logo designed, this chart can be useful:


Why does a small business need a unique and custom logo designed?

Have you ever thought why do you need a logo? If you have a small clientele giving you repeat business and everyone knows you personally, maybe you don’t need a logo.

But if the scope of your business is bigger, then it is mandatory that you get a customised logo design for your business.

A logo gives a face to your business. It also provides credibility and recall value. Out of the following examples, which company name would you remember?

humming_birdbusiness logo design

A logo also provides credibility and seriousness to a business. Having a great logo says that you are serious about your business. It also gives an impression of good quality work and services.

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Our logo design process

Our logo design process is customised for small to medium-sized business owners. We have kept our process very simple:

  1. We send you an email with a few questions to help us get to know your business.
  2. Once we get the information, we start the logo design brainstorming sessions.
  3. We will present two different concepts for your business logo design and make changes based on your feedback.
  4. Once you are happy, we will send you the final logo in different high resolution file formats including .ai, ,eps, .pdf, .jpg, .psd and .png that you will be able to use in print, digital, car signage, embroidery or any medium you can think of.


logo design process of pyramid pixels studio


You are unique and need your logo to reflect that. Pyramid Pixels uses only custom-made logos, never online clipart or cheap stock images. Every logo design job is tailor-made to your requirements.

For a customised business logo design at an affordable cost, get in touch or give us a call on 0430 501 111.

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